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Transparency and Slide Scanning and Archiving

Reversal Film, or Slide Film has been around since the early 1900’s, but was not commercially successful until 1935, when Kodak first developed Kodachrome for motion picture films, and later for still photography. Processed slide film is usually individually mounted on a 2×2” piece of cardboard or plastic, and is intended for viewing with a projector on a screen. The cost of producing prints from slides has historically been much higher, so many people have slide memories stored in an old carosel, or shoe box collecting dust. Do you have a projector or easy way to view your slides?

Slide scanning and archiving is a perfect way to save and share your lost family memories. When you turn your slides into digital images, you are able to affordably order prints, share photos, and create a personalized photo book for easy viewing. Your current, or future grandchildren will thank you for archiving your old memories!

2×2″ Mounted Slides:

35mm Slide Scanning
35mm Slide
110 Slide Scanning
110 Slide
126 Slide Scanning
126 Slide
½ Mount Slide Scanning
½ Mount Slide

Medium and Large Format Slides and Transparencies

Slide film has historically been known to create beautiful color images and has been used in the print and advertising industry for years to produce amazing photos. Larger film sizes have become available for high quality reproductions. We can also scan and archive your unmounted Medium and Large Format Slides and Transparencies! 120mm Slides are 6cm x 6cm and are usually in a 7cm x 7cm (2.76 x 2.76”) mount. If you have mounted 120mm Slides, don’t worry! We will unmount them to scan them for you. Large format transparencies can be 4×6”, 5×7”, up to 8×10”, all of which we can scan for you.

Scan and Archive your slides before it is too late! Colors can fade, and various temperatures and moisture can cause discoloration over time. Gather your old memories and preserve them today!