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Photo Album Scanning

For decades, the standard for showing and sharing photos has been with a Photo Album or scrapbook.

Are Photo Albums safe?

No. A photo album is a conveinient way to store your pictures and tell your own family’s story, and can easily be stored on a book shelf, but your photos are not safe. If you have an old magnetic photo album, the acid and glue in the pages can cause discoloration and deterioration in your photo. Many other albums that are labled as “Acid-Free” can also harm your photos with dyes, coatings and other additives originally intended to preserve the album, just not your photos.

Full Page Photo Album Scanning and Archiving

Albums can cause damage to your old photo memories, so it is important to scan and archive them before it is too late. Once you have your photos archived, they will be safe from natural deterioration and you can create numerous photos copies of the image any time you want.


After spending decades in a photo album, Photo Deterioration can occur. Over time, your photos can fade, discolor, curl and become brittle. We ask that you NEVER remove your photos from the album. We are able to scan full photo album pages to ensure your photos stay protected. An Archived photo album is a perfect gift for various family members! Save your past before it fades away!