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Negative Scanning and Archiving

If you are fortunate enough to still have your negatives, then it is still possible to preserve your memory as a high resolution digital image. A negative is your original image, and can produce a much higher quality, crisper and cleaner scan than any print or photo can give you.

Over the years, film formats have changed numerous times, so you may have a few different kinds of negatives to work with. Below are examples of the various types of negatives we can scan and archive for you.

35mm Film Negatives

(Advanced Photo System)

110 Film Negatives

126 Film Negatives

Kodak Disc Film

Medium Format: 120/220

We are also able to scan large format negatives and sheet negatives sizes 4×5”, 5×7” or 8×10”

All negative archiving orders can be dropped off at any store location, unfortunately, we can only scan and archive 35mm and APS negatives in store. If you have any other film formats, we will send the order to our custom processing lab for scanning. Unlike most photo scanning companies, we never ship your memories out of the country.