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Analog Vs. Digital

Do you still prefer analog prints or have you made the switch to digital? The days of having to take your roll of film to the store to be developed before you can see them is nearly a thing of the past, thankfully! With the recent advancement of digital cameras over the last decade, digital prints have been on the rise, and rightfully so.

Photos Deteriorate

One of the biggest differences in the two types of photos is that outdated analog images limit you to one sole image, relying on you to save the negatives if you ever want a reprint or enlargement. If it fades, is damaged or lost, it’s gone forever. Digital images, on the other hand, have no negative. The file is saved onto a disc or computer hard drive, and never fades with time. The file remains the same as the day it was saved. If you decide to order reprints and enlargements years after the original photo was taken, they will look as good as the original! Learn More

Physical Space

There is an estimated 600 Billion photos in the United States, currently in storage. Photos take up space! People store boxes of old photos in their closets, attics, under the bed and in old albums on their book shelves. Where do you store your old photos? Analog photos take up physical space. Digital photos, however are stored on computer hard drives. Whether you have 100 or 1,000 photos, they are all on your computer, so no additional physical space is required to store them.

A world of Possibilities

Film Photography allows consumers to produce beautiful photos and enlargements from their film negatives. Other than prints and enlargements, you are pretty limited to what you can do with analog photos. Sharing usually involves ordering an extra set of prints to give away, and the number of photo gifts you can order is very limited. Displaying photos can also be a hassle as well.

Digital images open up a whole world of possibilities:

  • Sharing can be done from a computer for FREE, no need to print additional copies for friends an family.
  • Put away the scissors and tape, Instead of putting together a collage frame, you can build a single collage poster on the computer.
  • Build a photo book instead of a photo album. Finding pages to fit a photo album can be a hassle, instead, display your photos in a professional full color photo book.
  • Choose from HUNDREDS of photo gifts. Today you can turn your digital photos into puzzles, shirts, buttons, cutting boards, water bottles, and so much more!

100% SAFE
All photos are scanned by hand.
Dropped off photos never leave the store!
Archive your precious photo memories from 19¢ per photo.
No Shipping Charges when Dropped off in Store!
With almost 100 years in the Photo Industry, Ritz Camera & Image is a name you can trust.
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