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About Ritz Camera & Image

The legacy began in 1918. In that year Benjamin Ritz began operating a portrait studio on the famous boardwalk in Atlantic City. With the success of the studio in Atlantic City, Benjamin opened additional studios in New York and Philadelphia. In 1936 Benjamin traveled to Washington DC to open a film-processing lab with his younger brother Edward. At this time our customers could get quality black and white film developed and printed overnight for 25 cents a roll.

Today we are known as Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image, the premier retail destination for cameras and imaging. Ritz & Wolf is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and operates more than 300 stores in 36 states from coast to coast.

In July 2003, the company launched an online imaging site – RitzPix.com, providing online ordering and pick-up at retail locations. Offering services for prints, online storage and more than 100 personalized photo gifts, the company continues to dedicate its legacy to empowering consumers to share, display and save all of life’s treasured memories. In 2010, RitzPix.com announced unprecedented “no extra cost” one-day shipping to complement the company’s long standing one-hour pick-up in stores. This “one hour/one day” delivery initiative can’t be found at any other online or in-store imaging retailer and will offer customers the quickest and most affordable shipping and pick-up in the country.

For more information on the company, please visit the corporate website.

About ScanMan Photo

From the first photograph taken in 1827 to the birth of modern photography in 1839, people across the world have used their cameras to captures life’s most precious memories. Whether it be 35 mm negatives, photographic slides or year’s old photographs, Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image offers the perfect way to archive those precious memories with its Scan Man service.

The Scan Man service allows you to back up your old photos, slides and negatives to a CD or DVD. Bring your old photos into any of our Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image store locations or use our easy and secure shipping service to send your photos. Once received, we will convert those old photos, slides and negatives to high resolution digital files and back them up on a CD or DVD all with the great customers service and attention to detail you expect from the Ritz & Wolf brand. A Scan Man CD or DVD also makes a perfect gift to share, display and save life’s greatest memories.

100% SAFE
All photos are scanned by hand.
Dropped off photos never leave the store!
Archive your precious photo memories from 19¢ per photo.
No Shipping Charges when Dropped off in Store!
With almost 100 years in the Photo Industry, Ritz Camera & Image is a name you can trust.
Some orders ready same day!

RitzFix Retouching also available!

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